10 ways to stay in touch with God

Feeling a little lonely? Wondering if God still knows you’re there? Here are some ways to reconnect with Him again.

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1. Develop a prayer life.

There is no other way to stay in touch with God, than to connect with Him on a one-on-one level. And the way to do that is through prayer. Praying doesn’t have to be a big deal. Steal away somewhere and ask Jesus to sit and talk with you for a bit.

2. Read your Bible every day.

God’s word is our daily Bread. What would happen if you stopped eating for a week? You’d feel like you’re starving! The same thing is true of the Bible and your spirit. When you don’t eat from the Bread of life, your spirit becomes anorexic.

3. Get outside.

I shared here before about how I love walking because it’s my “me and Jesus” time. There’s something about stepping outside for a walk that immediately connects me with my Creator.

4. Help someone else.

How many times have we all drove or walked passed someone who needed Jesus? I’m ashamed to say I’ve done it way too many times. We are His feet and hands. Helping others helps us put our issues into better perspective.

5. Listen.

Sometimes we go into our prayer room full of words. We talk incessantly, then get up and walk away. Never giving God the opportunity to speak. Communication is a two-way street. Listen.

6. Turn off everything.

We are connected all day every day. Television. Cell phones. Radio. There’s rarely quiet in the world anymore. Turn it all off. Stop the instant messaging. Don’t answer the phone. Leave the news for later. Turn it off.

7. Give thanks.

Begin each morning by giving thanks to the Lord for this day. Remind yourself to offer thanksgiving at all times of the day.

8. Renew your first love.

Remember how light your heart felt the moment you were filled with God’s spirit? Has time dimmed the light of that love? Make your way back to the foot of the cross again. Make a new commitment to Him again.

9. Build an altar; keep a record.

An altar is a place of remembrance. A simple journal in a notebook works perfect for this. When you experience God’s grace and mercy in your life, make a note of it. Write the date then a brief description.

10. Walk with Him.

This point merely encapsulates all previous nine points, because its importance bears repeating. To stay in touch with God, you literally have to do just that. Your walk must be a daily one. You can’t pick Him up at will and expect to have a relationship with Him. Walk with Him. Every day.

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  1. I love how our relationship with God is not only a daily one, but a practical one. We can do this practical things because God is real! Thanks for the pingback. :)

  2. Great tips, Hope. Really great.

  3. This list is fantastic. And all centered on renewal – something we all need every moment of every day! I’m thankful He allows us the chances (over and over and over again!) to renew our hearts and minds to Him.

  4. In this … weak time I’m feeling … this is what I needed. :) Love you!

  5. Great reminders! Thanks!

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