Ten ways to show you care

After a couple of intense posts, I thought today would be a great day to put a positive spin on this topic. Because the truth is, there are many out there hurting. I know it, and so do you.

I’m making the choice every day to become more sensitive and aware to the needs of others around me. We really need to understand that we are Jesus’s hands and feet. We are His body. The time to work is now.

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10 ways to show someone you care

1. Be present. When you’re with someone, really be with them.

2. Turn off all distractions. This includes electronics, such as smart phones, beepers, hand-held gaming systems, etc.

3. Smile. Sometimes all it takes is a kind smile to turn someone’s day around. Besides, smiling will make you feel better, too. Smile

4. Pat them on the back. There are hundreds of thousands of people who wake up and go to work and do the same things every single day of their life. Did you know most of them are longing for some kind of recognition?

5. Speak a word of encouragement. You may never know how much good a kind word does for a person. Offering a simple line like, “Your tenacity inspires me!” can make a huge difference.

6. Send them a cheer card anonymously. Find a cheerful greeting card (or make one!) and handwrite a special note on the inside. Mail (or have it secretly delivered) it without your signature.

7. Be a help. Very few people who need help will ask for it. Rather than asking if, or how, you can help, step up and do what you see needs to be done. If you know someone needs groceries, drop by with a couple extra bags on your way home. If a widow’s lawn is overgrown, drive over and mow the lawn for her.

8. Listen. There’s an awful lot of input these days. How often do you stop and listen? When you spend time with someone, a great way to show them they are important to you is to follow steps #1 and #2, then just listen. Don’t speak. Listen.

9. Give free hugs. Physical contact has been proven to be good for the health. The next time you see someone who looks like they’re having a rough time, walk over and give them a gentle hug. (Note: Not all people are huggers, so be certain it’s okay before you offer a hug.)

10. Pray. Much of the time, prayer is the best thing to do for others. Pray for them in your prayer closet, but also ask if you can pray for them on the spot. Pray God’s blessings on their life. Pray for a specific need, if they share it with you. Above all, and with all, pray.

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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  1. I think your first two are so key.  I make it a habit not to walk around with my phone or when my family is with me (or friends)…they get my undivided attention….it hurts my feelings when I’m trying ot talk with someone and they’re busy texting/surfing….like I’m not important…..LOVE your top ten!

    • Girl, don’t I know it. I’ve been working on those two myself. Unplugging seems to have become a lost art these days, doesn’t it? It’s all so unimportant in the grand scheme of things (most of the time). Thanks bunches for your thoughts!!

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