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I’ve been quiet here for some time because I’ve been in a spiritual battle. Honestly? I just didn’t have words.

The Lord is good. His mercy endures forever. There are times, though, when I’ve learned to be still and be quiet and listen for His voice.

I appreciate the kind thoughts and notes to inquire of my status. I am well. All is well. :)

On a lighter note…

I’ve been on a doodling kick for a while. I love creating all sorts of art, but doodling is super fun and freeing for me.

This evening I was sitting with my husband and doodling in my Moleskine. I was just about to reach for something to being adding color to my little doodle when I thought, ‘I should share this with my friends on Mending Hope!’

It’s nothing fancy, but this scripture has been on my heart and mind all day. I’ve meditated on it today and thought maybe it might speak to you as well.

This is a free printable. Do what makes you happy with it. Color it. Add more doodles to it. Paint it. Or maybe you just want to look at it. Whatever makes you smile. I hope you enjoy this little doodle!


Click here to download and/or print

If you play with it, I’d love to see what you do. Scan your finished doodle page and share it with me!

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  1. I understand your need to be still. But I selfishly still wanted your words and now I have them, so thank you! And I love your word art. I may have to commission you for my 10 Commandments of Self! You’re so talented!!!

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